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One fundamental aspect to produce more and better trap beats is to have a library of high-quality free trap drum kits of different moods to stimulate your creativity and get out of the so-called producer’s block.

That is why in VILARCORP we strive to create professional trap drum kits and also provide them for free to support rookies producers to increase their options to producing beats.

Every single of our packs are in high quality .WAV format to guarantee sounds without loss of quality and compatibility with any music production software, such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reason, Studio One, Cubase, among others.

Where to Download Free Trap Drum Kits?

In VILARCORP.COM you will find the best free trap drum kits that can be downlaoded without spending a fortune to get authentic and quality drum kits and samples.

In this post we created a list of the best trap drum kits to download for free and made with high levels of fiery trap sounds.

How to Download this Free Trap Drum Kits?

To download the .zip files of the drum kits, go to the pack’s link and click “download”.

This will take you to the checkout section where you must supply your name, surname, and email where you wish to receive the download link.

Once you have filled in this information, you click on “place order” and voila, you will immediately receive the download link in your email.

Are These Drum Kits Copyrighted?

No, all of our drum kits are copyright free. So you can freely use them for commercial use.

Due to our free packs are downloaded by thousands of people, it is possible that someone creates a beat with one of our samples and register it in a system such as YouTube’s Content ID.

That’s why the free drum kits should be used mostly to test new sounds, get out of producer’s block or in case you are a rookie producer that is just starting to produce beats.

For more professional beats productions we recommend using our premium samples, as only a select group of producers have access to them, so you will have unique sounds that no one else has out there.

Codeine Trap Drum Kit

This was the first drum kit created by VILARCORP in April 2020 and until today it has been the most impactful kit made by us, with thousands of downloads from producers all around the world.

This drum kit is inspired by the sounds used in the beats of artists like Lil Pump, Travis Scott, 6ix9ine, XXXTentacion, Lil Xan, and Trippie Redd.

Size: 20,6 MB

Inside the pack:

808s 8, Kicks 8, Snares 12, HiHats 10, Claps 8, Percs 10, FXs 9, Hits 5, VOXs 9, Loops 5, Scales 24.

Traphone Trap Drum Kit

Size: 25,5 MB

Inside the pack:

808s 5, Kicks 7, Snares 7, HiHats 6, Open Hats 6, Claps 5, Percs 5, FXs 5, VOXs 7, Loops 4.

Vybes Trap Drum Kit

Size: 24,4 MB

Inside the pack:

808s 7, FXs 6, HiHats 5, Kicks 7, Snares 8, Percs 10, Loops 4.

Cookie Trap Drum Kit

Size: 27,8 MB

Inside the pack:

808s 6, Claps 5, FXs 5, HiHats 6, Kicks 6, Snares 6, Open Hats 4, Percs 5, Loops 4.

Invaders Trap Drum Kit

Size: 17,8 MB

Inside the pack:

808s 6, Claps 6, HiHats 5, Kicks 7, Open Hats 7, Snares 8, Loops 5.

Easy Trap Drum Kit

Size: 22,5 MB

Inside the pack:

808s 6, Claps 5, HiHats 5, Kicks 7, Snares 5, Open Hats 6, Loops 5.

NASCAR Trap Drum Kit

Size: 14,6 MB

Inside the pack:

808s 8, Claps 7, HiHats 6, Kicks 10, Percs 7, Snares 7, Loops 5.

LOOSER Trap Drum Kit

LOOSER it’s a lofi trap drum kit with dark, lugubrious and dry sounds specially created to cookup lofi dark trap beats. This free pack includes 6 copyright-free samples that you can use to make your own succulents beats with a very dark rhythm.

Size: 18,6 MB

Inside the pack:

11 808s, 7 Claps, 5 Hats, 6 Kicks, 6 Loops, 5 Percs and 5 Snares.


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